Many men associate their sexuality with their identity. So if a man can’t perform in the bedroom, it can impact their feelings of self-worth.

The ability to get an erection is connected a man’s masculinity. When erectile dysfunction (ED) happens, a man will lose confidence in himself and in his ability to please his partner. If not addressed, men with ED can develop depression and/or anxiety. Along with further impacting the man’s sexual relationship, these conditions will also social activities and job performance as well.

Effective ED treatment can boost self-esteem. A 2012 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that men with ED experienced increased self-esteem within three months of starting medication. Researchers surveyed about 500 men, asking them to complete a Self-Esteem and Relationship (SEARS) questionnaire twice. Survey participants completed the questionnaire once before they started ED medication and again three months later. Men with ED increased their scores by nearly 30 points on the two surveys.

This study shows the importance of finding effective ED treatment. While little blue pills do work, they require a certain amount of preplanning. Spontaneity suffers.

The best treatment option is acoustic wave therapy. Painless, highly effective and affordable, acoustic wave therapy uses sound waves to break up plaque in the blood vessels of the penis. Decreased blood flow to the penis is one of the primary causes of ED. In fact, poor circulation is the problem in 80 percent of ED cases.

GAINSWave is effective for more than 75 percent of men who seek the treatment. Depending on the severity of your condition, you may need several acoustic wave treatments over the course of several months.

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