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Erectile dysfunction can be incredibly difficult for even the best relationship that is why open and honest communication is important. If your partner has ED your love, support, and encouragement can be a tremendous help even if he is tight-lipped about it. Here are some ways to help your partner deal with and manage his ED.

Keep a positive spin on things.

Avoid ruminating on the negative aspects of the situation and don’t play the blame game. Direct your attention and energy to what you both need as individuals and as a couple then work together to form a plan that addresses it. ED is very common and can be treated so bear that in mind as well.

Reassure him of his value.

Your partner may need to be reminded that erectile dysfunction does not make him any less of a man. He may also need to know that your feelings about him have not changed because of it. Let him know that you will get through it together.

Learn about the condition.

You can’t fight what you don’t know so do some research and learn about erectile dysfunction, especially as it relates to your partner. Together you can explore treatment options for ED and lifestyle changes that can help.

Discuss the deeper levels of your relationship.

Chances are your relationship is not based on sex. It might be the icing on the cake, so to speak, but there are likely much deeper connections that you have with your partner. You need to tap into those and focus on them. Challenges like this tend to either break a relationship or make it stronger. Let it make yours stronger.

Talk about your feelings.

Erectile dysfunction is tough, but he is not the only one affected by his ED, you are as well. Like you would any other relationship issue, you both need to talk it out. Discuss your feelings and let him talk about his. This can bring you both to deeper intimacy, a stronger connection as you bond over transparent communication.

Find other ways to be intimate.

There are other ways to be intimate without intercourse. There are other ways to satisfy and please each other without penetration. The exploration to find other avenues of fulfillment can not only deepen your relationship but also open a new world to pleasure. It also takes the pressure off of him to perform.

Don’t tell – SHOW.

Communication is important and it is good to talk things through, but actions do really speak a lot louder than words ever will. So, if you tell your partner that you support him, show him that you do. If lifestyle changes are necessary, present a united front and make the changes with him. Does he need to lose weight? Start eating healthier and working out right alongside him. Everyone can benefit from a healthy diet and regular exercise. Your supportive actions will show your support but it will also send him the strong message that he isn’t in this alone.

At ARC Men’s Health, we understand the sensitive nature of ED. Our Acoustic Wave Therapy is a surgery-free, drug-free, and needle-free treatment performed in a comfortable, discreet setting. Contact us today to find out how we can help you and your partner get the help you need to overcome your erectile dysfunction.

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