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What is AWT?
AWT – Acoustic Wave Therapy – is a safe, effective, and non-invasive treatment for erectile dysfunction that uses pulse waves to increase penile blood flow and improve sexual performance.
What is Acoustic Wave Therapy?

Acoustic Wave Therapy is an AWT approach that uses a Swiss-made medical device cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use on the human body as a massage device for soft tissue repair and improved blood flow, among other uses. Use of this equipment according to our established best practice protocol for ED treatment, and perfectly calibrated equipment forms the SwissWave Protocol.

This approach is proven across age groups to show long lasting results that enable:

  • Improved Sexual Performance
  • Enhanced Erections
  • Increased Penile Sensation
Who are good candidates for Acoustic Wave Therapy?

Men of all ages with erectile dysfunctionAcoustic Wave Therapy is a safe, effective, drug-free, surgery-free alternative to Viagra, Cialis, and other oral ED medications.

Men of all ages with Peyronie’s DiseaseAcoustic Wave Therapy has been shown to be a drug-free, surgery-free way to break down the scar tissue and reduce the curvature of the penis typical of Peyronie’s Disease.

Healthy Men of all ages seeking drug-free male enhancement – Men do not have to be suffering from ED or any other medical condition to benefit from Acoustic Wave Therapy. Healthy males who have had AWT-based treatments report harder, more sustained erections after one treatment.

For which age groups is Acoustic Wave Therapy effective?

We believe that this could actually roll back the clock for most men, allowing men of ages up to 80, even 90 to perform as they did in their more virile years. The treatment is not contra-indicated for any age group, and can thus provide benefits to men of all ages. Schedule an appointment with our doctors to learn if this treatment can help your specific situation.

Why is Acoustic Wave Therapy a better alternative to ED drugs?

Viagra, Cialis and Levitra only help half of all men dealing with erectile dysfunction due to contra-indications of the drugs. For those that are candidates for oral medications, the drugs can have very unpleasant and potentially dangerous side effects.

With the SwissWave Protocol there are no expensive prescriptions, or pills to remember to take. There are no harmful side effects with the SwissWave Protocol as there are with oral ED drugs. The SwissWave Protocol is not contra-indicated, and can be used for men who cannot take oral ED medications. Also, SwissWave Protocol can be used to treat Peyronie’s Disease, which Viagra and other oral ED drugs cannot.

Read our short blog post about this and other options.

Why is Acoustic Wave Therapy better than other AWT treatment options?

We are the exclusive providers in San Diego with the specific Swiss-made equipment and training to calibrate and administer the treatments. While there are other providers who source and use Chinese-made and other devices, precision is key for this treatment option. To have the desired effect on erectile tissue the acoustic wave must be focused to one millimeter. If the wave is not perfectly calibrated the treatment won’t be effective or long-lasting.

How does Acoustic Wave Therapy work?

The treatment approach uses high-frequency, pulsating, acoustical sound waves to eliminate micro-plaque in existing blood vessels and stimulate the growth of new vessels and erectile tissue (Corpus Cavernosum) in and around the penis. This treatment addresses the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction – poor blood flow – and results in increase sensitivity, stronger erections, and more natural, spontaneous erections.

What are the side effects of AWT-based treatment?
There are little or no known side effects associated with AWT treatments.
After how many sessions should I begin to start seeing benefits?
Results vary based on individual’s health history and diagnosis. Some patients have seen improvements and better erections after as little as 2 treatments.
How Acoustic Wave Therapy treatments are required?

Depending on your goals, anywhere from 6 – 12 treatments. We also have a preventative maintenance and performance program to maintain results and optimize performance.

How long do the effects of the Acoustic Wave Therapy last?

Research and trials indicate there were no time limits for the longevity of the treatment benefits, as long as patients treated maintained good health. Patients have gone more than 2 years without needing additional treatments.

How new and proven is this treatment?
The SwissWave Protocol is new to the United States, but this AWT-based treatment approach has been used in Europe successfully for the past 15 years. Additionally, there have been multiple clinical studies that proved the efficacy of this treatment.
Is there clinical research on AWT-based treatments available?
Independent published research papers have proven its safety and efficacy with 86% of men saying they would recommend it to a friend. There have been multiple public studies confirming the effectiveness of Acoustic Wave Therapy as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. Some of those studies can be accessed below:

Read clinical research on AWT-based treatments

Our Clinic

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What experience does Arc Men's Health have in delivering this treatment?
Arc Men’s Health is the official and exclusive provider of SwissWave Protocol in the Greater San Diego area. Our staff of doctors and technicians are all trained by the founders of the SwissWave Protocol who collectively bring over 40 years of experience in the medical arena, and more than 20 years within treatments for erectile dysfunction working with more than 40 ED clinics across the United States.
Does Arc accept third party medical insurance?
We do not accept third party insurance, but can provide you with necessary documentation in the case where such treatment is covered by your insurance.
How much does the treatment cost?
Please schedule an appointment with our office to get your personalized quote. Schedule an appointment today to speak with a doctor about your treatment plan.
What payment options does Arc provide?

We accept cash, check, or credit cards as payment options. We also arrange financing for customers which ranges from zero-interest to low interest based on credit and other factors. Please speak with our office staff regarding any questions you may have regarding financing.

How do I schedule a medical consultation with Arc doctors?

Your appointment

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Is any prep required by me before treatments?
No prep is required.
How long are the treatment sessions?
Each treatment is a simple in-office procedure lasting about 20 minutes.
How long after the procedure can I resume my daily activities?
After the treatment, men can immediately resume normal daily activities with no downtime.
Will I experience any pain or discomfort after this treatment?
Patients will notice a slight tingling sensation during and after the treatment, but definitely no symptoms of pain discomfort. One of the biggest advantages of the SwissWave Protocol is no drugs with side effects, no surgery, and no injections = no pain!
Is Acoustic Wave Therapy feasible in case of special health conditions?

This treatment is an elective procedure and not administered until approved by our doctor. During your evaluation with our doctor, they will determine whether you can be a candidate for this treatment based on your medical history and any special health conditions such as prostate cancer, deep vein thrombosis, malignancies, and other conditions that may require some further detail.

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