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It is common for men how have erectile dysfunction to also have depression, and vice versa. The psychological impact of ED can be quite serious. If you’ve been feeling blue lately, you may need to talk to your doctor, especially if your depression is impacting your relationships or work.

In the meantime, here are some ways to cope with depression and ED:

Understanding the link between ED and depression.

The link between erectile dysfunction and depression has been well documented. While researchers are not yet ready to say that one causes the other, there is no denying that many men who have ED are also depressed.

One 2018 review published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine analyzed 42 studies on depression and ED. Cumulatively these studies involved more than 192,000 men of varying ages. According to the study, a man who has depression has a 39% increased risk of developing erectile dysfunction. Likewise, a man who has ED is nearly three times more likely to become clinically depressed than a man who does not have the condition.

Don’t go it alone.

Ask a close friend or family member to help you by encouraging you to get out and do things. Ask them to help you keep your perspective and help you take care of yourself. It’s hard to not get stuck in that depression rut and self-care is an important part of escaping that. Having someone there to support you can be a great help and that in itself can help improve your mood.

Change that thought!

Your depression will tell you that you are a failure, that you will always feel sad and that you will never be happy. It is so easy to allow your thoughts to take over and catch you up in their negativity, but you can’t let it happen. When you feel those thoughts creeping in, just say to yourself (saying it out loud can be even more effective), “I’m going to change that thought” or simply “change that thought” to jolt your mind into another direction.

Find ways to give back.

Most doctors agree that giving others kindness and caring for another person even through your own suffering can help you build social connectivity. It can help ease your depression. Every city has a number of volunteer opportunities, but if you aren’t quite ready to step out like that, there are some ways that you can volunteer from home:

Talk to someone.

Talking with a counselor can be a great help. A good therapist will help you create strategies for coping with your ED as well as your depression. You can talk through the anger, embarrassment, and frustration of living with ED. Together you can improve your ED quality of life.

Take care of you.

Poor sleep, not eating right, and a sedentary lifestyle can all contribute to both ED and depression. Put some energy into taking care of yourself. Eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and make sure you get good quality sleep at night. Self-care is a mind, body, spirit medicine that can’t be matched.

If you feel that you may harm yourself or someone else, it is imperative that you talk to your doctor or seek medical treatment immediately.

At ARC Men’s Health we help men just like you rewrite their story and find freedom from ED. Our acoustic wave therapy treatment is non-invasive and drug free. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Let us help you change your story.


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